Indianapolis Bar Association Judicial Survey

The Indianapolis Bar Association ("IndyBar") in Indianapolis, Indiana has served the Indianapolis/Marion County community since its founding in 1878. Among the services rendered by the IndyBar has been to provide information about the perceived qualifications of candidates for judicial positions in the community. The sole purpose of the IndyBar's Judicial Excellence Standing Committee is to conduct and publicize non-partisan evaluations of Marion County judicial candidates qualifications to promote the fair and effective selection of qualified judicial candidates in Marion County.

The Committee is a bipartisan group assisted by bipartisan counsel. In anticipation of the 2014 Marion Superior Court Election, the committee conducted an electronic survey of the qualifications of candidates who confirmed their interest in seeking election. The results of Marion County judicial candidate qualifications are posted on each candidate's page along with biographical information provided by the candidate. Those candidates who are successful in the election process will remain posted here for public information. 

Judicial Excellence Committee Judicial Candidate Survey

IndyBar Judicial Excellence Committee

Andrew Mallon, Chair

Members: Tamara McMillian, Alexander Will, Ryan Vaughn, Ahmed Young
Counsel: Thomas John
IndyBar President: Jeffrey Abrams
Executive Director: Julie Armstrong

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