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I recommend Shatrese M. Flowers for judicial office.

Shatrese M. Flowers

*Survey respondents were asked to comment only upon those candidates with whomthey have had direct professional contact within the last three years. All questions were optional.

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This person is hard working.



7.6% (16)
18.0% (38)
31.3% (66)
28.4% (60)
6.6% (14)
This person is well-prepared.

10.4% (22)

6.6% (14)
19.3% (41)
31.1% (66)
27.8% (59)

4.7% (10)

This person is efficient at case management.

10.4% (22)

8.0% (17)
17.9% (38)
29.7% (63)
25.0% (53)
9.0% (19)
This person is ethical.

10.0% (21)

5.2% (11)
15.6% (33)
31.3% (66)
31.8% (67)
6.2% (13)
This person is knowledgeable of rules of evidence, procedure and substantive law.

14.0% (30)

14.4% (31)
19.1% (41)
30.7% (66)
21.4% (46)



The person has sufficient trial experience.

13.1% (28)

11.7% (25)
13.6% (29)
25.8% (55)
27.2% (58)
8.5% (18)
This person demonstrates the proper temperament and demeanor expected of a judge.
26.8% (57)
14.6% (31)
16.0% (34)
21.1% (45)
20.7% (44)




Shatrese is an Indianapolis native and a 1991 graduate of North Central High School.  She received a B.A. Political Science from DePauw University in 1995 and a J.D. from Indiana University Robert H. McKinney School of Law in 1998.

Judicial Experience:
Shatrese is currently a Master Commissioner with the Marion Superior Court, Criminal Courts 9, 14, 19, 24 and Civil Court 1.  As a Master Commissioner, she presides over criminal court initial hearings, jury trials, evidentiary hearings, bench trials, probation hearings, post- conviction relief hearings and civil court motions to dismiss, motions for summary judgment and various other civil hearings.  She has served as a Master Commissioner since July 2005.

Significant Legal Accomplishments:
Prior to becoming a Master Commissioner, Shatrese was an Assistant Corporation Counsel with the Office of Corporation Counsel, Litigation Section.  While at the Office of Corporation Counsel, she represented the City of Indianapolis and Marion County agencies and employees in all stages of civil litigation in state and federal courts including but not limited to: wrongful death, torts and excessive force.  In the initial stages of her legal career she was a Deputy Public Defender with the Marion County Public Defender Agency for over 4 years.  As a public defender she represented indigent clients in misdemeanor, D felony, and major felony courts.  She successfully tried numerous bench and jury trials; argued motions and evidentiary matters.  In 1999, she began her legal career in private practice representing clients in private and special needs adoptions, landlord/tenant disputes, probate and family law matters.

Other Legal Involvement:
Shatrese is a current member of the Indianapolis Bar Association.  She is a former Barrister, American Inns of Court; former member of the Indiana State Bar Association; and former member of the Criminal Justice Subcommittee for Drug Free Marion County.

Personal Statement: I have acquired invaluable criminal and civil experience in the court room as an attorney, primarily in the public sector, and by serving as a Master Commissioner.  My strong work ethic, legal experience, and dedication to public service uniquely qualify me to be a highly effective candidate for Marion Superior Court Judge.