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I recommend Timothy W. Oakes for judicial office.

Timothy W. Oakes

*Survey respondents were asked to comment only upon those candidates with whomthey have had direct professional contact within the last three years. All questions were optional.

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This person is hard working.
2.4% (9)
13.0% (49)
29.1% (110)
45.5% (172)
5.3% (20)
This person is well-prepared.


2.4% (9)
14.6% (55)
30.9% (116)
43.1% (162)

4.3% (16)

This person is efficient at case management.


2.1% (8)
13.0% (49)
28.0% (106)
45.0% (170)
7.1% (27)
This person is ethical.


3.2% (12)
9.6% (36)
24.2% (91)
53.7% (202)
4.3% (16)
This person is impartial.


4.5% (17)
11.7% (44)
27.1% (102)
48.0% (181)
4.0% (15)
The person is correctly applies the law.


6.6% (25)
11.2% (42)
31.6% (119)
40.2% (151)
6.4% (24)
This person demonstrates the proper temperament and demeanor expected of a judge.
5.9% (22)
11.0% (41)
26.1% (97)
50.8% (189)

B.A. - Wabash College, 1986; Centre for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, Oxford England, 1985; J.D.-Indiana University McKinney School of Law, 1991.

Judicial Experience:
2009-Present - Marion County Superior Court Judge, Civil Division, 13.

Significant Legal Accomplishments:
Following his work as a Law Clerk at the Indiana Court of Appeals and as a Marion County deputy prosecutor, Judge Oakes built a solo law practice from scratch beginning in 1996 with a primary focus in criminal defense, family law, some estate work, and receiverships.  He was contract counsel for the Indiana House of Representatives during much of this time before being named President and General Counsel to the Indiana Cable Telecommunications Association.  Since his first election in 2008, Judge Oakes has been assigned to Civil Court 13.  Civil Court 13 maintains one of the lowest open caseloads of any civil court in Marion County, allowing for quicker responses to lawyers’ and litigants’ needs. This has been accomplished while at the same time using the fewest Commissioner/Magistrate days, pro tem days, or senior judge days of any civil court in Marion County.  Judge Oakes has help cut nearly $2 million from the Court’s budget while at the same time finding resources to provide equitable pay between the Commissioners and Magistrates and additional resources for the appointments of GALs.  Judge Oakes has presided over, prosecuted, or defended approximately 75 criminal and civil jury trials.  He is also one of the few judges to have presided over a case, outside of mortgage and collections, that uses E-filing, and he actively participates in the Court’s E-Filing and Technology Committees.  

Other Legal Involvement:
Judge Oakes has been active in the Indianapolis Bar Association, ICLEF, Sagamore Inn of Court, The Indianapolis Lawyer’s Club, the McKinney School of Law, and SPEA Program at I.U.P.U.I.  Judge Oakes has chaired the IndyBar Bench Bar Committee and regularly contributes to its planning.  He is the current Chair of the Executive Committee of the IndyBar Litigation Section, has planned and participated in the CLE offerings, recruits speakers and assists in planning cross committee gatherings.  He has also participated in the Strategic Planning Committee of the IndyBar and was recently named an Indianapolis Bar Foundation Distinguished Fellow.  Judge Oakes takes an active role in mentoring, helping, teaching, and advising young lawyers, law students, and those aspiring to attend law school.  He is an Adjunct Professor at the McKinney School of Law – co-creating and developing a course on Judicial Selection – and is a regular speaker to the Student Bar Association.  Judge Oakes also teaches a course on Evidence to the SPEA students, and has been a regular faculty member at the ICLEF annual Trial Advocacy Skills College.  Judge Oakes serves on the Indiana Supreme Court Committee on Ethics and Professionalism, and has been a regular contributor to the Sagamore Inn of Court an organization dedicated to fostering civility and professionalism within the legal system.  He was recently appointed to the Supreme Court’s Board of Law Examiners Committee on Character and Fitness and co-presented a seminar at the Indiana Judges Association Annual Conference on ethical considerations in judicial campaigns this past fall.

Personal Statement:
Every day for the past five years has been a privilege and honor to serve as judge in Marion County.  I strive to make Civil 13 a welcoming place, a place where lawyers, litigants, witnesses, jurors and visitors believe their cases will be heard in an impartial, courteous, respectful, efficient and well prepared manner.  If given the opportunity to serve again, I will maintain the same commitment and also continue to be a good steward of the taxpayer’s money.  I hope our first five years have been a welcoming place for the lawyers and litigants, and going forward, my goal is to continue to improve as a judicial officer year after year.  To that end, I always welcome constructive criticism of the performance or procedures in Civil 13.